Feedback on my new game

Hello Everyone, So I just launched my first solo game project and I would love to hear feedbacks from you guys on how to improve it and how would you rate the game out of 10

Thanks for your time and feedbacks :heart:

Game link:


Ok, so I played a little bit and the game is really good and creative, I don’t have much to say, maybe that the game is too difficult to the exorcist, but my biggest complain is that on mobile the screen is not on landscape mode automatically, for me is a 8.6.

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Alright so, The game is pretty good, I also like this type of game.

Well i think i suggest you to add special skill to the Exorcist and the Ghost so the game will be more exciting to play, I don’t know what else to give, maybe someone else will give a better suggestion for your game, keep it up!

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