Feedback on my new game!

Hello, i just made my new simulator and i would like some feedback on the ui, the gameplay, the shops, the gfx etc. Here is the game:
Thank you!


As you know when people first before trying a game look at the icon and thumbnails.
Right here is your thumbnail which does not look natural to me.
You might want to fix that deformed leg up.

The guis looks real nice although the Sell button seems too wide and has basic color.
The health bar can be improved, maybe add a white label displaying their minimum health with a bar and their max health on the other side.

The skybox seems a little off with the map, as it might be the best choice but does not really match certain areas of the map

The low poly builds look great, I’m not really a fan of low poly but I really think this one is nice.
You might want to get different trees though, it looks too basic and repetitif even if you are changing colors.

I saw one of your pets hanging somewhere on the map, omg it was cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Another thing that bugs me is when you hit with your pan it sometimes takes a while to award the “pan with an egg points”.
Although the swing animation is really great and smooth.

Not sure if this is an early stage development issue, but when somebody else than you unequips the pan all their animations stop playing and look as if they got no animation playing while walking. Another thing is when you die you can still attack with the pan after few second. The game is lag free on my device but the characters of other users lag way too much.

I also found a few bugs but not sure if you wanted bug reports since you clearly said gameplay feedback.

Also, the sound effects are amazing but maybe not the repeated song as game song theme.

Overall great game I really enjoyed, I just tried to point out things to give feedback on.

Hope this helps with your development :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback! the bug " when you die you can still attack with the pan after few second" is not from the game its only roblox idk why servers are soo slow.

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