Feedback on my new GFX

Hey there! Recently I was inspirated by electro swing and made some GFX with dance theme. I also tried to work on 3D clothing. Here is my work:

I’d love to head any feedbacks. Have a nice day everyone! :wink:


An suggestion for this picture.

Some suggestions you may want to add.

I would highly suggest you make 3d cloth on the shirt so it matches with the 3d tie you made for the GFX but most of the GFX is pretty neat, good job on the hair btw, because it looks realistic.

Improvement that you may do in the future.

To make the GFX fit its style a little bit more it kind of looks like the player is holding onto something so. Maybe add a suitcase to match the vibe of this GFX.
If you do all of those minor changes there will be a huge difference in your whole GFX career.


Thank you so much for feedback! I didn’t add any stuff to character, because it’s a dance move. Anyway gonna try to use tip about clothing next time, thank you again :smile:

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Oh, the way the character looked it looked like they were holding a suitcase so that’s why I gave you an idea of a suitcase.