Feedback on my new GFX!

Hello! I have a 2D artist (@Fallen2D) and I decided to make them some GFX. They have done some amazing work for me at low prices and they have helped me improve on my development skills so I decided to give something back to them.

This is the GFX I made. I didn’t make the lightroom or the HDRI. This is my first time doing GFX and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much dude! looks amazing in my opinion. Keep it up!

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Thanks! Had a spelling error the first time, sorry if you weren’t notified!

I have been expecting you >:). Jk but @TheBestKieranat10 told me about you and your 2d art.

Very Very Very nice GFX you have! I love it…

Oh wow thank you! I appreciate that :smiley:

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I actually set this GFX as my wallpaper on my phone now. I can’t stop looking at it haha.

A really good start with your progression with GFX, keep up the great work!

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Thanks so much! Really appreciate the support.

I’m honored to be something you look at everyday

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Haha. I’m going to make my own wallpaper eventually, sorry lol!

This looks amazing! I could suggest you to bend the legs a little bit, to make it more realistic. Besides that, the hair and the forehead of the character look kinda weird, I could suggest you to fix that, too. That’s all think, it’s an awesome GFX, keep it up!

Yeah - the hair and the forehead didn’t match up. I’ll keep your feedback in mind, thanks! Oh by the way, do you think I could charge Robux for my work?

Maybe… but you need to add a background for it to make it better, so people might hire you.

There is a HDRI behind that - It kinda looks cool with the gradient imo.

Yes, lighting is one of the elements of making a great GFX, but you also need to make a beautiful background too. For example, place your character in a detailed room/area to make it more eye-catching.

I know. This wasn’t really designed to be for a game or anything, hence why there isn’t any background. This is supposed to be for a desktop wallpaper or a pfp. The background behind it is really nice though.

I’d say lower the hair a bit more, other then that it looks great! :grin:

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Thanks so much for the constructive feedback! I’ll keep it in mind, thanks!

Yes, it is very nice. But I think most of the people would hire GFX makers for game thumbnails and stuff. ( Well as I said, I THINK )