Feedback on my new GFX's!

Hello, fellow people! :wave:

I’ve been making GFX for sometime, slowly “evolving” to the better.

But in this topic, im here to ask you what do you think about one of my GFX.
I’ve been learning about the renders since 2020 but I didn’t had any previous experience
which made me to quit it, rebirthing this passion in the late 2021.

Since then I’ve been learning about several new things that came into my head but also searched up tutorials from other creators, but also asking my friends about the stuff that i should add.

I hope I find more tips about improving my work. I appreciate every useful suggestion that you guys share with me!

(please dont comment the p51s in the second GFX because I know they aren’t mean’t to be in the desert fights)



The first one’s lighting really needs fixed somehow. You should really make it less bright or make it match the atmosphere better

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Thanks for your feedback! :heart:

I’ll try to fix it up in the upcoming GFXs.
Sadly, it’s very visible so I gotta think about the WHOLE scene, as I focused on the main characters, using low numbers for the sun that lights up the background.

Yes I agree with @TomskiKiller about the lighting. But I like how you added the planes dropping colours. I also feel the troops landing in the background are just a bit too blurry. The second diagram looks amazing!

I don’t know why so man people are doing Military GFX?

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Well, I’m into ww2 and antiquity. There’s many people out here doing ww2 mostly because its a very universal genre.