Feedback on my new hangout game "p r o b l e m s."

I have just released my new hangout game, feedback would be appreciated!

Game: p r o b l e m s.


First off

Some of the menu on the top left isnt visible

Overall the map is very bland, Nothing in particular that really interests me. Its a good start just keep adding stuff like tree houses, temples, shacks, etc.


I appreciate the feedback!
I will add more stuff to the map and will fix that

Edit: The UI problem should be fixed and I have added more to the map :slight_smile:


Try to make a few really high detail and quality things instead of focusing on everything and making it lesser quality. Other then that it looks like a great start.


Thanks for the feedback! I will try making a few high detail and quality things.

I’m not a big fan of hangout games, but this one is ok. I saw that you credited Orbital_Holder for creating the map. Did they commission or is the map a free model? No hate just wondering.

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I was going to use a map he had made, but didn’t since it didn’t fit the “aesthetic”. I forgot to remove it from the description. Thanks for bringing this aware to me :slight_smile: