Feedback on my new horror game

Hi I made a horror game which I put a lot of hours on by myself. I’m asking for your feedback on what you think about it and how can I improve it. Thanksss

Game Link:

naww man i aint counting all the trees at midnighttt, whilst following a path

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Okay the game’s actually pretty fun, it’s very unique, the trees part isn’t so bad as there aren’t many.

However, I reached the number guessing level, NPC claims that he’ll tell me if my number is higher or lower, but with each guess I submit nothing happens, it’s just that his torso color changes to red sometimes, I don’t get told “higher” or “lower”, so I’m kind of stuck right now in there.

There’s a couple of grammar mistakes, would be better to check those out.

But I actually think this is a very nice idea for a Simon Says game! Nice job!

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oh if it turns red then he is telling a lie

I understand, but he’s not telling anything. I’m not sure if a text is supposed to pop up but there isn’t anything.

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Replayed one more time, thinking maybe it was on my end, but still nothing, there’s also no error in the dev console.

On a side note, I like how the levels are randomized upon death.

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