Feedback on my new logo

Hello, I made this logo for practicing, I would like some honest feedback on it


Also thanks to @ZurichBT for teaching me how to make glow effects


I like the font of the text “The Pyramid” and the black outline of the text. It stands out from the background! Looks great!

Edit: The only thing I might change is the background. Maybe the background, instead of a gray color, could be a “sand” material?


Why is the word "Pyramid glowing? Kinda throws me off. Also, why is image so small compared to the borders of the image? And maybe flag can be bigger? Otherwise it looks good.


First of all i would say its good but the background looks empty i suggest adding something to the background.

Well, I put it because it remarks the word Pyramid

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Yeah, I will try to fix that

30 chars chars

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Something about it looks asymmetrical. I would probably make the pyramids pointier, with some little brick lines here and there.

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I love this, it’s brilliant. You’ve shown a great contrast of your primary colour. Though I have spotted an issue, the text’s outline is too black width. On “the” is where it is, but on the “Pyramid” that’s perfect. Good job mate!


Hey @kevingamer1082! Your graphic is fine. I recommend you to put the font size a bit bigger and the pyramid. I would add some effects to the graphic so it can grab people’s attention. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Logo design looks great, really nice and neat. Maybe instead of a grey background a dark orange that sort of matches the pallet?

Good job on the logo!