Feedback on my NEW military GFX

Hello there developers! I just wanted to show you my latest GFX:


Well… What do you think? Leave some suggestions in the comments. I could really use it!

That’s all from me! Goodbye!

Software: Blender
Photo editor: Photopea


The backround is kinda weird but other than that I think it’s good

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i think it looks pretty nice, i would personally tone the lighting down a bit and remove the plants and replace them with some foliage but other than that good job

I think you could change the expression on the first soldier’s face to make it look like the face of the one behind him. other than that it looks awesome!

Looks cool my g!! Clothing folds is fire!! You could work on the lighting tho. Keep up the work!

very clean and consistent, i like the colors

Looks awesome my man! Only thing I can think of to make it better is maybe some more haze and possibly some bullet traces. Other than that, keep up the amazing work buddy! :smiley:

Although this looks absolutely amazing, the outfits for the military personnel don’t match the scenery.
Perhaps having such a thing adjusted would have more of an appealing view in the GFX.

Otherwise, great work it looks beautiful!