Feedback on my new obby!

Yo! how are you doing?

I just made an obby, it is a bit short, but i want to know your opinions!

Here it is!
(4) Escape The Underwater Temple Obby! - Roblox

Hope you like it!
Have a nice day!


Great job on making the obby.

But, consider adding a “mute music” option, since some players probably want to listen to their own music, instead of the games.

Also, yeah it is too short, try making it until stage 25 or 30.

Overall, keep it up!


Ya, im gonna make it a bit longer. ill try and make a mute option too.
Thank you for the feedback!

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Pretty alright for an obby! A couple things I’ll suggest:

  • The Broken Tiles Stage worked really strange, so I didn’t know what to expect

  • (Probably the more important thing) The hitboxes using R15 & kill-brick detections work really bad on here, you could just bhop on the water and you’d still be fine

  • Understanding that it’s a bit short, but it’d be nice if there were more stages :slightly_smiling_face:

Overall, it’s pretty good!


Gonna fix that. Hopefully my fixing works

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Just doubled the stages and made it so you cant bhop on the water. Working on the mute button now. :slight_smile:

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