Feedback on my new Plugin UI

So the past week I’ve been working on a new Plugin, I need feedback on my plugin as I want to make it the best look!

(Scrolling down)

I’m currently working on a settings UI to customize the Cutscene so I couldn’t provide.
Anyways it would be awesome if you gave me feedback to improve and what do you think about it atm?

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Create cutscene is a little off centered
Whats Accoutrement

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Not to be rude but it looks really bad.

Maybe add UIListLayout with siblings the text and the icon so it will alligns correctly. Try to add a UITextSizeConstraint because the text looks very different to each others

I don’t quite like the shadow in this.
It doesn’t look like a Plugin but rather a game

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Hi thanks for the feedback but what’s exactly bad in the first one?
For the second one I wanted to do an original theme and make it the best as possible I know I could have just went for the blue & black layout in Plugins But I decided to do something different.

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You should adjust the item name labels to have a fixed font-size, and shift them to the left. That way, they’ll not look so disordered. (If you do, ensure you add proper padding.)

In the second one, you should add some distance between the Back icon & the item list. Also, you should make the item list taller. Inside of the list, I’d recommend cutting down on the size of the labels & icons. I’d also suggest making it span the entire list menu.

The instructions label on the bottom of the second one should be centered and shouldn’t look akin to a button.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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@Chinesse_apes @Kynikau I’ve revamped the UI what do you think?

I Don’t understand what you mean by ‘Accoutrement’, But if you mean like the object in Roblox you can see it here.


That looks better, i think you should add a small border to the element then add padding to the ‘Find a Class’ Text

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