Feedback on my new roleplay/fighting game! :D

Hello! My game “Crazy Cubes” has been in development for about a month now and I was looking for some feedback on it! (7) Crazy Cubes! [COMING SOON!] - Roblox :arrow_backward: Game Link! Any feedback is GREAT, good or bad (: Thank you so much, BMWLux


Very great idea for a game. I just think it needs a better build and more UI structure. Maybe, you could add a map voting system. I can help with some things if you’d like. Plus, I am a content creator so I could help the game get out there more!

An exploiting content creator?

Nice concept but you would need quite an active playerbase for this to work, the map is kinda low quality though, the UI as well, so if you work on the quality of the game a little more I think it’d work out. But consider adding an eating animation to the small cubes.