Feedback on my new Showcase game

Hello everyone

I made a new game! It’s called “Eastlands” and it’s a Showcase-game. I hope you like & enjoy the game! Please give me some feedback, so I can make my game better.

Link to the game:

I started working at the game Today

If you want, please give me some feedback about the Icon/ Thumbnails too!



I hope you enjoyed my game!
Esiduff :smiley:


This overall is a nice showcase but personally i wouldve changed somethings here.

  • i would’ve added more variety to the trees maybe make some smaller or bigger than the others.

  • and i think this would go better at night, i personally dont like the skybox.

hope this helps!

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Thanks for your message. I added a day-night circle.

Nice! expecting it would be a nice showcase. One thing that bothers me though, Try adding some watermarks on your work. There alot of scams now, people who claim work that isn’t thiers and asks game permissions, then steals your assets.

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The Icon and Thumbnail: both of them are incredible

Game : the lightning should be remade

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HI, thank you for your feedback! But what do you mean exactly with “remade lightning”?

Looks pretty nice. As it’s a chinese themed island I assume the ship would be too but it doesn’t appear chinese at all… maybe try to add to this?
There’s not a whole lot on the island so try to add a dock with a fisherman shack or something like that.
Also, reduce the lighting effects a little.
Good job.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will add some more stuff soon : D

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You left the “e” debug mode fly command on… Also personal thing but i hate the default make object transparent camera, it always makes things look weird and buggy. Also the lighting still need a bit of work, it doesnt seem dark enough at night? maybe…

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That’s amazing I love it! (30 chars…)

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Now you can’t fly any more. I also fixed the camera and some small things

i really like it, especially what you have done on the lighting. But some small mistakes i would recommend you to fix
Keep up the good work.

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