Feedback on my New Skyscraper Build

Thoughts on my New Skyscraper Build

Please post honest opinions in the reply section below
With Lighting :

Without Lighting :


Please post honest opinions in the reply section below

Doesn’t seem like there’s much to set it apart from any old skyscraper. Looks alright, but a bit boring all the same.

Agreed. Looks good, but isn’t very creative. I could build that in an hour if I tried. How about add some roads and other small details to or around the building so you can make it both interesting and creative. Maybe add a creative structure add on to the top like a penthouse lounge or observation deck, etc. Otherwise, good start here, and hope to see some creative progress!

Its not going to be a stand alone building, im one of the builders for a development team. Tho i can say its a Miami Based game and the Building is a real building called Citi Center. Im not trying to put a ton of detail in it either as that build is already 1000 bricks and if where building an entire city we dont want it to be to laggy for players! When its based off of real life i cant really change much either if im going for the real building. I prefer not to add elements not already in the real life build im doing as well.