Feedback on my new tunnel

So im working on my game lately and I just wanna know if this a good tunnel?


That’s a really nice tunnel, maybe you could add some lights to it because the tunnel looks a bit blank. But overall the tunnel looks great!


You should post it in the What are you currently working on? topic.

Anyways, it looks neat but as the other person said, some lighting would be nice.

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Looks pretty good, but I find it to be a little bright inside the tunnel. I would expect it to be darker in there.

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I would recommend changing/fixing these things.

  • Change the lighting, like other people here have mentioned.

  • Use more of a variety of materials other than brick.

  • Add minor details to the tunnel as they will help improve the visual of the tunnel by a lot.

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This looks really good! It could use some more lighting though.

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It looks great! I would suggest adding some lights and wire fences.

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