Feedback on my new upcoming Story Game


Hey there! So I have been working on a new Story game for the past few days and I would like to see what the community thinks about it, and if I should add, remove or change anything.

School has just finished, but one of your friends (his name is Mike, for now) didn’t come to school today because he is “sick”. You and your friends decide to take the bus and head to Mike’s house to check up on him. When you’re dropped of the bus, you knock on the door, but to your surprise there is no answer. You then realize the door is unlocked, so you and your friends enter the house, and then get greeted with a monster/demon/zombie (I don’t know what it will be yet lol)

Screen Shots:


(sorry for bad video quality, and sorry for bad game quality lol. I cannot play on high graphics and record at the same time. I also had to upload it to YouTube because the DevForum would not let me upload it as an mp4 file)

I would like your to hear your opinions :grin:

What style do you think the game should be? I think it should be low poly and simplistic.

Game Style
  • Low Poly
  • Realistic / High Poly

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Game Name
  • Friends [STORY]
  • Back Home [STORY]
  • Demonification [STORY]
  • (Other)

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Play the game here:


Hmm, in my opinion, story games are pretty…over used. Instead of monster, how about something else? Maybe just an illusion of mind?


For the lobby, you could make the tunnel inside of a wall and use a different sky box.

You could name the game Monstrosity also.


You could name the game Monstrosity also.

Wow! What a cool name! I’ll definitely think about it.

For the lobby, you could make the tunnel inside of a wall

Can you please send some images for refrence?

and use a different sky box

What skyboxes do you suggest?

The school shouldn’t be called ‘school’. It’d be cool to see a name for it.

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Inside of a wall. Sorry for the bad example, made this really quick just to show.


For the skybox, you could make it just a regular blue sky. You can even use the default sky if you’d like.

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  • Delete “Loading…” text in loading screen, it doesn’t make sense since there already a intro text
  • Decorate the lobby, it’s really blank, maybe try to make a gamepass shop or donate bard
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Ok you should change the skybox it doesn’t really fit with the low poly models.

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I get what you mean, but for now, I’m just going to keep it simple and name it “School” :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll use a cartoony Skybox

Okay! I’ll consider doing it later, because I am working on the game itself at the moment.


(I did this because I have deleted my posts way too many times today)

Great job, although there are many story games I recommend making yours unique and hopefully it’ll grow!

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Looks really cool, i recommend if your keeping it low poly to use a sky-box without clouds but still matches the lobby your going for!

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Lobby ideas:
.Replace the font for a more simplistic font (such as gotham black)
.Give the school a name, as @izNatt suggested
.Add small plants to the school grounds
.Make the school grounds bigger with a parking lot
.Add an equipment box where you can buy tool gamepasses
Story ideas:
.After finding the enemy you need to hide in some alleys but a swarm of zombies/monsters/demons or goo is rising, and you need to do an obby along fire escape ladders on the sides of buildings
.You eventually meet a hero who can help you
.It ends with a boss battle and possibly a cliffhanger

All the rest seems great! I can’t wait to try out the game when it is public. Keep us updated!


I want a real story game with real character development, good writing, and gameplay this is what I think a story game should actually be regardless if its an hour or 5 hours long


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Good to know, thanks! (I only blocked you on my main, not on my alt (this is my alt) anyways cya)