Feedback on my new update Horror Game

Hi everyone! I recently posted few days ago about a game that i’m developing and based as Silent Hill games…

Here to say about some updates and some things that i changed, wanted to people review if its works…

I optimized the system, I hope it’s giving less lag
Also, added new places and start growing the City of The Silence, where the player will play the game…

Link from the game:
The Silence - Roblox

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I have some criticism.

In the desk in the starting room thing, the black outline things on the bottom of it are Z-Fighting with the ground.
Screenshot 2022-12-03 072056

Also, the architecture in the starting room is odd

The light just looks… weird and unnatural. It has a blue outline and no neon, and it casts a white light, which doesn’t make sense.

Where’s the part above the door? And what’s with the weird glass pillars next to it?

These things are odd, but noticeable and they can make players want to play your game less.

In other words, once I get out of the room, I have no idea where to go. All I see is road and forest, and these is really nothing compelling me to explore.

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I understand whate you means, and yes the house dont make sense in some aspects, but this is just a place to start and test things, also the guide sense is being improved and i will added a ‘‘Mini Sense Direction’’ when you start the game, and putting a Map will be active this sense of direction i hope… Thank you for your feedback, hope you enjoy the future updates!!!

I understand that.
I was just making sure you knew.
I think the game in general is promising, and it has a nice, horror-type atmosphere.
It just needs work, that’s all.
Anyway, I’m going to have some more feedback later, once I explore more of the map.

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I think I finished exploring the map, so I have some more feedback for you.

Screenshot 2022-12-03 072849
Text is too small compared to the rest of the roof, try making it bigger.

The green and red on the back door contrast in a way that looks unappealing. Also, red is entirely different from the stores color scheme, try replacing it with a blueish color.

Nice little easter egg here, with the name of the game’s city.

Graffiti kinda looks unrealistic, too big of a gap between death and awaits, and the capitalization looks weird on the other, maybe try putting it in all caps, or only have the start of the text and the word silence be capitalized.

But overall, pretty good for a pre-alpha!

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Thank youu, i’m so glad on your feedback, it helps me a lot to enchance the game and get more dev skills!!!

I will re-work on thos things, also the graffiti it reallys kinda unrealistic, i will admit lol, like a cartoon, but thats easy to change, thank you!!! Hope see you next time when i update :DD

it´s a good game! but it´s kinda to blurred for me…