Feedback on my new VFX

Hello, I’m currently working on vfx for my project(Three abilities for a class in my project - #24 by kaiyellow2008), and I thought I’d share some of my work:

Tell me, what was your favourite, least favorite, and how I can improve(some ideas on new vfx would be appreciated too).


If you guys want, I can do a basic tutorial on how to make Roblox vfx


Not a fan. Seems too generic. I wouldn’t consider these visual effects. It’s just a spinning mesh.


Pretty generic. I agree. The design of the mesh’s are good. The animations needs some work.


The focus was more on the mesh itself than what it was doing. The only reason it was spinning was because I thought it looked better than it standing still.

  1. How can I make it less generic, and more unique?

  2. What would be a better effect for the mesh than it just spinning around?

I appreciate the feedback, I’m always looking to improve! (ps. I just started making VFX 2 days ago so that’s why they aren’t too good)

Also, is there a way to import a vfx animation like this one:
from blender to Roblox?(It doesn’t have any joints)

you could probably make a spritesheet, I don’t specialize in them but they come out good

  1. make it look more action packed for example spikey or unique instead of making it look like a planet thats about to explode

  2. idk I don’t do mesh visual effects

WOW. These look enchanting, lovely work. All of them are my favorite to be honest. I think the 6th one could use different individual animations on the rings, but otherwise, simply amazing work! And yes, would love a tutorial! :heart:


Spritesheets are for 2d animations I believe

As someone who’s done VFX meshes and realized they’re trash, you should:

  • Not do spheres. They’re overdone
  • Projectiles should be liquidy and stylized. Example:
    (this was made a while ago lol)
  • Really it’s gonna come down to the scripting rather than effects (at least mesh-wise). If you don’t want that use spritesheets, beams, and particles
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sprite sheets as in 2d effects? The only sprite sheets I’ve seen are for making 2d animations
(Also I completely agree with you on the sphere one, I just like making cool designs.)

Sprite sheets as in 2d effects, yes. Example of a 2d hit effect using spritesheets:

It’s actually pretty simple to script it, just an imagelabel on a surfacegui. I can rotate the part through script so it always looks at the camera

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Hey, so I tried making a vfx animation in Roblox studio. Its not too good, so let me know what you think:

Hey that’s pretty good. Try to apply the same concept to stuff like vfx beams or whatever

Thanks! What I did was I made the animation in blender then exported every frame. Then I made a script that goes through every mesh and replaces the current mesh with that mesh. The animation has 14 frames in total. It was kinda tiresome to manually export every frame but it got a lot easier once I assigned a shortcut to the export button

I’ll definitely explore with the concept of vfx animations like the one I just made. I appreciate your feedback!

You’re welcome. Consider trying out mesh deformation for cool effects


Yes Please make a tutorial. Thank you if you do!!!

U can use this to bring blender modifiers animation to roblox

Hello again! I tried to make a water-type projectile, and I think it looks decent: