Feedback on my newest game - 'Smiley Parts'

I have been creating this game for a few weeks with help. Just recently released it and I want some feedback on ways I can improve it / any bugs.

I would like feedback on anything related to the game if possible, such as the thumbnails / icons, or the game itself.


The first thing I would recommend you change is the description. I would add a lot more to it. The thumbnail is decent maybe add a game logo or something like that on the bottom left. It would be cool to see some gamepasses so you can monetize your game. The gameplay seems interesting. Great work!

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Thanks, I don’t have many ideas for the description itself as I don’t want to give too much away. Gamepasses are planned but I was wanting to give a bit of time after release before I add them.


It seems like a really good game! I just have some things to point out.

As you can see here, when I hide myself, my accessories aren’t invisible. I don’t think this is an intended behavior.

The UI is stretched up for me. Consider using UIAspectRatioConstraints.

Also, more in the gameplay itself, I can play by being hidden all the time and the monster never gets me, but as soon as I unhide myself, I get killed in half a second. Consider maybe nerfing both the hide ability (with the H keyboard button) and the monster speed/pathfinding.

Overall great game!

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Thanks, with the accessories I figured it would be good to keep them. I was trying to prevent players thinking its something that can kill them, as the part is identical to the actual player.

With nerfing hide, it was intended to make it like that, the walk speed is changed to make players not want to use it as much. I might later think of further ways to nerf this (Lower tool limit e.g.) depending on how much it is used.

With the speed of the monsters, I am trying to get it right. The issue here is, when its too low it goes slow enough for new players, but then the game is easy for the players who played more. Eventually, you can start to get away / it does get easier.

For the UI, I will have a look at fixing that.

Oh, yeah, I haven’t thought of that for the accessories. It might be a good idea then.

For the hide, maybe you can make it so it slows you even more, so the player knows it’s only a way to temporarily hide until the monster gets away, because I was tempted to use it all the time.

For the monster, maybe you could add something that tells you that it is close to you, so you would hide. It may make the game too easy, I don’t know. I let you figure this out!

Current hide walkspeed is 8, so I might try 6 or 4.

The monster is meant to have a sound playing, just an issue with getting the range right (Just tested it again, realised it had no sound after I doubled the range so gonna look at that. Lowered min range, so that might be the issue.)

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