Feedback on my nextbot game

id like to know what this game is missing what whould be the best thing to add or to remove i want to know what people thing about my game this is the first real game that i finished so yea

here is the link: Ken's Goofy Ahh NextBots - Roblox

there are 2 modes to the game first one where u complete a quest and go to the next round

the second one you join it by clicking the free roam button in the menu and there you run around while getting chased by bots you can also create your own bots in this game mode for 100 robux it saves so you dont need to pay 100 every time

game isnt made like other nextbot games but i plan to make it more like gmod

you can reply to this post or use the feedback gui in the game

here are some videos of the game:

one more thing before i finish this post should i keep the minimap in the game or take it out


W game. W video.
I like it. Keep working on it tho. Make it more appealing, advertise when needed.

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A tad bit unoriginal…

i know it is a game that was made because of a trend