Feedback on my night "Alley" GFX! {Twitter banner}

Hello Devs! I need some feedback on my “Night alley GFX” that I made for my Twitter banner.

Details about the GFX
  1. I’ve added realistic “Rain drops” on the main character… you may see something bumpy on the body. It’s nothing but water drops.
  1. It’s a rainy day… that’s why the wall in the background & floor look shiny.
  1. The only source of light for the character is “Lamp”. Yes, there is “Moon” lighting which I’ve added using “Sun” & decreasing the lighting intensity.


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Wow, this is a nice GFX. I liked how you put waterdrops on the player and made the wall and floor shiny. But I think you could add some raindrops in the middle of the air or on the screen like an overlay. Overall, it looks amazing! You’ve given me some inspiration. :cool::+1:

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I’m glad that I’ve helped you in some way… Much obliged!

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the back is nice the avatar sucks and the pose is ok

Ohkiee… ;-; Well, it’s a banner which I made for myself. But you liked the background & pose. Thank you!

oh its for your self then ya ok i get it


This is amazing work! Very detailed, I love it!