Feedback on my Noob GFX!

Hey all! Today I felt like making a little GFX of my avatar!

Update: I made another two!

Any suggestions and feedback would be appreciated! kthxbai


It looks really bright, and the sword is held a bit weirdly.

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I used an HDRI, sadly I can’t fix how bright it is. But yes, the sword is kind of off.

Try rotating the sword to the side

Okay. I’ll send you a little picture of it.

(Picture is in post now! Go checc it out)

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It’s really cool! Keep on the hard work!


Not bad, though the image looks a bit saturated.

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I think this needs a bit more things to be complete:

  • Maybe try and tone down the light on his left side but our right side.
  • Add some sort of rim lighting.
  • A less harsh HDRI like a clear sky or something.

Over all keep up the good work!.. :smiley:

For the HDRI, I suppose you’re using Blender, you can edit the brightness of the HDRI with a simple node setup; here’s a tutorial I found:

PS;(I do really like the happy vibe your render gives off, keep up the good work!)

What I’m trying to do here is:

Make a nice a vibrant render, that really would brighten a profile picture.
Rim lighting would kind of ruin that.
And yeah, I didn’t even look at the HDRI I downloaded, so I didn’t know how bright it would be.

But yeah, thanks for replying! :grin:

Thanks! Might use that later, and yes I’m using blender.

My problems the sunlight. Maybe a bit TOO much.

Also the text…

Cool rendering but to be honest I don’t like the color combination with the yellow background and yellow hair because it’s too bright. Maybe you could make the hair black or something but not yellow and maybe change the color background ( of course you dont have to change anything just my opinion :wink: )

I really don’t like how the t in the is yellow and the n in noob is yellow. Also, noobs don’t have hair. The background is also very distracting and its too bright.

I can really agree with ya on the text there… but the noob with hair just makes it look a bit more better, y’know? And I guess you see the background as distracting but when the noob is outlined, it’s not really to me. I could probably desaturate it and it’d look a lot better, but thanks for the reply :happy3:

It’s good, but the lighting is super bright. Try a more grayish or darker color.

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