Feedback on my obby game?

Hello there developers! I have recently made a game called “Obby Of Hell” and I am looking for feedbacks on what could be improved in the game.I want to make sure everything is up to standard and I hope this game could “compete” with Tower Of hell!Any advice/feedback would be appreciated.I am planning on putting some robux at sponsors and getting funds from investors soon.I would also appreciate if you guys could give me some tips on making a more attractive thumbnail or icon for the game as I was not sure how to make it.Sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong topic!
game: Obby Of Hell![BETA] - Roblox

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Very nice work! :100: :smiley:

keep up the good work.

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I have been an roblox obby enthusiast for 4-5 years, so here is what I know so far about building obbies.

If you are trying to make a begginer obby game like “Mega Fun Obby” then its pretty simple, all you have to do Is make every single stage very easy.

If you are trying to make a difficulty chart like game, that increases the difficulty after a certain amount of stages, then you are gonna need some experience in playing difficulty charts yourself to get the right building for each difficulty.

If you are making a proffesional obby game like JTOH or TOH (JTOH being the even harder version), then here are the rules in obby making.

  1. No z fighting

  2. Dont repeat the same jumps over and over again like, for example, you added over 5 platforms to jump on that is as big as 1 stud. If you just keep repeating the same jump from platform to platform then it will become less entertaining. Instead, you can change the size of each part you step on. If you have alot of stickouts or wraparounds on the same platform, then you should change the size of each wall.

  3. ALWAYS test the obby first to see if its possible, (you should also apply this to difficulty charts)

Hope this helped you

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Hey there!Thanks for your time and advice. I am trying to make a game based on randomized obbies.It is similar to Tower Of Hell.

Make sure the ending door is properly touching the wall

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