Feedback on my Obby

Hello! About 20 mins ago, I started working on this Obby. Please tell me how it looks, it will be published soon!

NOTE: Only 2 stages are done, so it’s not fully complete.

(That is a thing that if you step on, it tps you to the next level.)

A little starting area with me. (I used load character plugin.) Also, this is my alt, that’s why I added ii_waterfalldreamz, that is my main account.

Level 2.

Anyway, I would love feedback.

Thanks!! :smiley: :smiley:


Looks extremely basic to be honest. It’s fine if you’re just a starter though, everything can be improved later. Good luck!

I’m pretty new to building obbys, so thanks. :smiley:

add more detail to the sky, like clouds
also add like objects like toys and candy and etc around the obby, it will appeal to younger kids more that wai

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Okay! <3 Thank you!

Have a great Friday!

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