Feedback on my Obby!

I’m currently working on my obby that has 1100 stages.

Mega Fun Long Obby

Game has Skip Stage, Kill All, Speed & Gravity Coil, Magic Carpet, Radio, and Sword.

I would appreciate feedback and suggestions below!

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This looks and sounds like your everyday normal Roblox obby. What makes your game stand out?

There are a ton of these mega stage obbies already on Roblox so I would suggest if you want to publish a game like this that you create your own unique obstacles that are different from other obbies on the platform (I’m assuming this was a free model because I’ve seen a lot that look like this but I might be wrong). Also, the game icon is pretty bland and isn’t something that I would click on it over other obby games. I would suggest maybe adding a border around it and playing around with the text to make it stand out more.

I like that you have a skip stage feature and some other items that users can get to get pass harder stages. Good work!

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