Feedback on my obby

Within four days, I created this obby that I think is pretty unique. I haven’t seen an obby like this on the platform before and I wanted to see what you guys think of it.
Keep in mind this project was very rushed and I still have yet to make adequate thumbnails

Any comments, suggestions, or concerns would be greatly appreciated.


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I just beat it, and I really enjoyed it.

The premise is quite unique as you said, and I especially liked how it allowed for multiple ways to solve each level.

My only critique is that I found the second stage (the one where you first enter the area with the waterfalls) was confusing regarding where you were supposed to go, I didn’t realize you were supposed to go up the far side until I saw the checkpoint. I’d suggest putting a visual cue to signify “you can’t go here” rather than just an invisible wall on the edge of the cliff

Thank you for your reply, I’ll make sure to do something about that.

Can you add some pictures I would love to see the game. :grinning:

Pictures alone don’t exactly portray how this obby is different from others. You would have to actually play the game to see what makes this one special. I did add pictures though.

oh okay I see the pictures now good luck on your obby. :grinning:

Overall a very unique and fun to play obby, of course you can improve some things such as better graphics and lighting. But overall i really like this and would love to see where you go with this.

This is really epic, it seems like something out of Flood Escape and deathrun. Also, I love the concept :grinning:

Absolutely perfect!