Feedback on my old game

Hello, I posted this a few days ago and no one replied so I’m trying again.

I would like feedback on a game I made a long time ago because I would like to update it. I haven’t really gotten better at using Studio because I haven’t been using it much since then until the past few weeks, so I wouldn’t recommend suggesting something advanced.

The Tool in The Game is Not Mine, I Got it Off of The Toolbox in Studio, it was Created by @GigsD4X

NOTE I Am Not a Scripter so I Cannot Write a Script That Makes it so Players Cannot Grief or Bully With the Tool.

Here is the game

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It says that it is public so I don’t know why it says that.

This is not original, nor creative, sorry if I am harsh but you cannot put two free models together and call it a game.

I know this was one of my first games.

my games that are actually good are set to private because I never finished them


Probably the major thing that I really see with this, is that there are a couple of other F3X games that’ll ask me this question: “What’s so different & unique about this game?” Apart from that all it is, is just a simple build game with a F3X tool

what do you mean two free models

F3X and HD admin, I don’t know about the fly.

Sorry, I totally forgot about that.