Feedback on my One Piece game

Hi! :wave:, my interests in One Piece has motivated me to push further in creating an open world, unique anime game experience. Recently, I’ve been working on a project which is desperately needing more developers(Currently I am the only developer) and lack of feedback for (This is Only meant for funboy - Roblox). I was wondering if you’d be able to help & provide us with some very cool advice, ideas, feedback & criticism on your perspective of the upcoming place below. Please note, it’s an extreme work in progress and I know there might be a huge debate on an anime game being this realistic. Several details & aspects of the project haven’t been completed.

I’d love to get know more on:

  • How you would you go about ensuring a game like this is well-optimized for any device although still maintain realism simultaneously? Is it worth converting unions to meshes?
  • What could be done better? Is there any logic in the game which doesn’t make sense? Be sure to point out anything which you think isn’t logically correct.
  • Do you care about attention to detail? Or keeping things simple?
  • Would you like to see a better combination of anime and realism or just plain or realism which is what I have done?
  • Do you think the nature & scenery in the game is excessive?
  • Any ideas/features in which you think should be added to the game?!


Screenshot 2021-03-22 225355 Screenshot 2021-03-22 225818

Note: I could only upload a portion of the game in photos because it took me a while just to get screen shots of these pictures and upload it.

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Nice, the game seems to have good content in it, one thing though, your character is blocking a lot of things, but it still look good. Perhaps add some more bushes and trees?


Thank you for the feedback, and yeah, I didn’t make myself invisible lol, my bad

Do you mean like where I have uploaded the tree in the picture right?

Or only the forest? Or trees everywhere in general?

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Yes, a forest in general can help give vegetation, and life to the ambient area, of course if it isn’t the idea, then this setting is perfect.