Feedback on my personal obby

Hey there, I’m Gchords!

I’m a clothing designer, but about a month ago, I wanted to make my own obby with the knowledge I got from many different sources. I took my time, and wanted to add more parts into the game. Took me about a couple of hours.

Hope you like it!


One thing for sure you need to add is Can Collide false for the players. It gets annoying because they can mess you up. A thing I like is that you have a creative name for each stage! Overall it is pretty good considering you are a clothing designer.


I played a little bit,and its good!
But i think you should add something different,like Interactive parts.(try to find which part you have to click,for example)

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turn off player collisions, but pretty good.


Thanks for the help guys! I managed to add in a script into the ServerScriptService that should cancel out player collisions.

Jugué y me lo pase, esta genial lo único que se me dificulto fue la el nivel 2 :sweat_smile:
Con tu creatividad puedes hacer cosas aun mejores, Te deseo lo mejor :star_struck:

Really good start, just needs some more exciting obstacles + decoration/theming