Feedback on my PFP

Hello fellow GFX Artist :wave:
I was wondering what you might think of my PFP. Does it need more detail, or is there something wrong? Please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a pretty good profile picture! However, the avatar kind of looks a bit too close to the picture. I prefer avatars being a tiny bit far away if it were to be in a profile picture or any sort of picture. I love the lighting and the effects and background you used is awesome!

Even though Koriyoc doesn’t seem to like the sizing of the render.
I like the sizing. Since it’s a profile picture, you would want to see the character up close and not far away.
I do think that the sun ray is a little too much. Maybe lower the opacity of it.
The overlays are cool, and make the background look really fitting. I think this is a very good profile gfx.

Change the background colour or design, I really can’t see what’s going on in this picture.