Feedback on my PFP/GFX

The sky is so clear today! Perfect blue :happy1:

Hey Devs! I’ve made a Head PFP for @qChronos. I’ve made this in like 5 minutes… Lighting speed? xD

Feedback is appreciated!!


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Nice pfp! I saw your tweet about it. These all look amazing!!!

Aww, sweet! Much obliged!!! :3

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Looks cool so far, however there is quite a lot of overlay spam, as a designer you need to be careful of this. If you’re on photoshop, add some color corrections, brushes and liquifies. (If you don’t know what these are, go on youtube and search it up.)

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The headphones look pretty good when rendered ngl

This is cool, good job!

However, I would add a bit more post-processing such as Color corrections and others.

Looks nice, It’s missing a face and eyes, If you added those it would look better since It just look blank on his face.

Amazing! But maybe you could make the valk not so glossy. :sweat_smile:

This is really nice man, I love how the face and eyes aren’t supposed to show too.

Thats the style of the head GFX if I’m right.

Honestly quite kewl, :wink:
Keep making nice art mate!

Ooh… thank you for letting me know! Will do that in my future Head PFP’s!

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Yep, this type of PFP does not require any face.


Much obliged Dev!! Char limit

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Hmm… it’s not that glossy. It’s the same as the head’s glossy. I’ve put all the head’s and accessories glossy to 0.2…

I asked him to do that, I think it looks better this way

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