Feedback on my Pistol Mesh?

Hello everyone, I’m TheBloxxyHunter and for the last 2 days I have been working on making a low poly gun for my friend’s prison game. The gun has a rig able slide, trigger, and mag. I modeled it off of a Glock 27. I honestly think the gun looks really good but I want to know what you guys think of it. Here are some pictures:

Is there anything I should change/add to make the gun better? Thanks for reading! :happy1:


Looks like your everyday Glock 27. What’s the name of your friends prison game?


The game hasn’t been named yet. It’s still really early in development.

The second picture is nonetheless bugging a bit. The “back” of then gun (to state properly) sticks out a bit too much.

It would look a little nicer if it didn’t stick out that much. But, since this is probably going to be a tool that is likely very tiny, any little mistakes won’t be that noticeable.

Overall, you did a very good job on the mesh!

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That’s awesome! Great job at capturing the recognizable shape and appearance of an iconic firearm. If you’re able to spare it the extra tris, details like a slide lock and ergonomic grip.
An overall solid, basic, and functional Glock 27 model!

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I was just extending the slide like that to show the barrel. When it’s animated the slide will defiantly not be out that far.

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Looks good man


That’s a standard feature!


For a low-poly mesh, I think you found a great spot in between too much detail and too little; it’s very smooth and pleasing to the eye. I hope your friend’s game does well.

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Didn’t see that, deepest apologies.

Your hard work payed off. Great model with excellent accuracy to a real life Glock-27 model. Bravo!

I would like to try this when your game is released!!!

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i think this pistol looks like a normal one, so i think that its really good.

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