Feedback on my Plane build from vanilla studio!

Note : This plane is for display and doesn’t function as a real plane. Everything is anchored

Everything is made from studio rawly. It could be so much easier if i can use blender. The problem is my Laptop is not compatible for the recent blender, and i can’t figure it out how to install the downgraded version.


looking good bro keep up the great work, love the color schema

Is the propeller suppose to pop out that much…? Its good but some stuff can look a bit off like the peopeller and wheels because they are so thin on each side

Are these black dots on purpose?

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Aw sad,
hope you can get it soon.
You’re talented but Studio isn’t good enough for you

Previous Versions —

Oh. Originally it’s a black hole for seating, but i didn’t noticed that it got overlapped by wing. Thanks for noticing

Thank you for sharing the link!

Colours are weird, I don’t like the birds eye view of it.

Overall it’s a below average build, I’ve seen much better.

Umm, I think you need to look at pictures of real biplanes…
I work on aircraft so I know what I’m talking about.

I’m really sorry to tear your work apart, but here goes:

  • The prop hub and shaft stick out too long, and the prop blades barely reach outside the diameter of the fuselage.
  • The cockpit is too far forward.
  • The wings are just rectangular boxes. Wings have an airfoil shape that can be pretty easily created with a Cylinder leading edge and a few WedgeParts to make it look realistic.
  • The vertical and horizontal stabilizers (the tail) should be more streamlined. They don’t sit away from the fuselage as shown in your second picture. Cylinder leading edges would be cleaner too.
  • Most biplanes have the top wing ahead of the lower wing, and the lower wing is located at the bottom of the fuselage because the wing spars (the long parts that stretch from wingtip to wingtip) wouldn’t be strong if they were attached through the cockpit.
  • The struts between the wings are usually just 3 pieces, similar in shape to this V\ so they are strong, light, and keep the wing from twisting. The black attachments you have are very boxy and aren’t really required.
  • The top wing is almost always joined to the top of the fuselage with struts, similar to the shape I described above.
  • The landing gear wheels are tiny, and the gear legs need to be longer and wider for stability on the runway and while taxiing.

Please don’t stop building though. You’ve done pretty well so far, it’s just that someone who knows airplanes will notice the same details I commented on.


Thank you for constructive criticsm. As someone who doesn’t know about plane a lot but interested in their design. Your post enlight me more about plane design.

Also thanks for telling me that such plane type is called “biplane”. I was struggling to find reference picture of such plane in google, browsed “stunt plane” (reference to Jailbreak), but didn’t found. So i just browsed “tails plane” instead (I once played Sonic 3 and recognize same plane from it)

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