Feedback on my plane

I created this plane. I want peoples’ feedback on it. (If you would like the file then you can buy it for 1k robux).


Its really good!. The only thing I say to add is lighting. Overall, its amazing!.

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It is not imported into roblox it is just in blender. i don’t know how to import it.

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Try to copy it, Open the roblox studio. Is there a paste button? I dont really know. But sorry.

Yeah, I know how to import the mesh but not the decal.

Try to copy the decal too

I think you should copy it then add the decal on, or make it again?.

Looks good but add some lighting on it

Nice work on the Warthog!
Use the Search bar and type in “import from Blender”, you should get some posts that explain it.

its very easy just insert a mesh part then go to its properties and then click the file button.Locate your file and your done! NOTE: i think your model will pass the mesh triangle limit so export it in pieces .

Actually, the textures are very high quality so it looks high poly but if I show you the mesh it is low poly.