Feedback On My Poke-A-Dot Top Hat!

Put feedback on my Poke-A-Dot top hat down below. I have been working on modeling and wanted to know how this turned out.

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texturing could do some improving

Yeah, I did the lines to fit the style though.

Would this work better as the texture?

i’d work on texturing, also why are polka dots only on top, i think it’d look better if they were all around

I always appreciate developers trying new things. Right now, you may be in the stage of learning design. For this particular model, there are a couple things you could improve.

  • For starters, the closely compacted holes trigger trypophobia. You might want to consider enlarging them (and maybe adding a bit variation to their size) and increase distance between the polkadots.

  • The polkadots should probably be moved to the side. It’s not exactly appealing at the top, especially when the dots go all the way down the model.

  • The band is uncolored, and the polkadot textures are leaking onto it

  • The color itself is extremely vibrant, it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with a couple other colors or alter the color that is currently being used.

  • The color of the dots could be changed as well; you could probably add variations of pastel/bright (not vibrant!) colors.

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