Feedback on my Portal

Made a portal and decided to do a day & night version of it, any feedback on what i can add/improve on!? :-o

Thank you!


This looks really amazing though there are a few things I’d consider changing :+1:

The portal frame seems to be odd out of the surrounding to be made so oddly shape. Usually when I see portals made with stone, I’d expect it to have thicker walls to give it a more sturdy feel and cracks in between to make it “blend” in with nature.

The trees in the background also seem a little odd compared to the portal as they’re flat shaded compared to the portal/exterior being smooth shaded, having consistent shading helps send the info.

Adding rocks and some bushes around can help spruce up the portal more and have it be in nature.

Great work so far though :+1:


wow this is looks very good i am very like the night version maybe make that like a cartoon showcase and make that like for jungle or flying island. keep up this great work beacuse this is just looks amazing!.

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As always, please do not be discouraged by my opinion.

So the portal looks incredible! But there some few things I would consider if I were you.

Maybe you could try giving the main branch of the portal a more natural look, because if you look at that while you are in game, it looks a bit ‘weird’ if you know what I mean, so maybe you could make it a bit more natural to blend in with the theme your going for.

Also the tress in the background definitely does not suit the portal, so you can maybe try to make another shape of a tree to make it a bit more catchy.

Other than that, maybe try making it that when you walk in to it it transports you to another dimension :shock:.

Best of luck in future development :+1:.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Add some sort of transparent portal field to help make it resemble a portal.

  2. Change the rock colour, it kind of blends with the portal itself.

  3. What are the ropes and random branches for? You should try and add onto this.

  4. Be careful on how you decide to build the portal, you wouldn’t randomly walk outside to flat ground and see a random house with hills surrounding it.