Feedback on my "prison life remake"

So I’m remaking prison life currently because I truly did love the game before it was ruined by exploiters, it was really fun! Anyways, how could I improve on these buildings?

(I edited more here, check it out!)


Police room:

It’s pretty blank right now, not sure what to add…

Hallway between the police room and the outside entrance:

And finally the spawn and cafeteria so far:

There’s also trays, which look like this:

Mostly functioning team choosing gui, adding more elements though:

I would show the shotgun animations, but the devforum isn’t letting me upload it :confused:

Any general building feedback and tips would be appreciated, although :D.


Consider adding more details, especially on the police room’s ceilings. It looks bland, seeing it is the same color as the walls. The door leading to the outside is weird, for it is sticking out from the walls.

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I know the police room’s walls and ceiling is blank, I just don’t know what to add to them. Do you know what else could really be there?

I haven’t touched building large objects in a while (mainly because I develop with someone who does building), but here’s my recommendation:
I would make the walls not wood, but smooth plastic.
You may refer to this as your guide.
(yes its made in like 1 minute)

Anyways, the rest looks fine to me, although it needs more work.

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Looks even more bland, does slate look any better? :grimacing: (im gonna add some blue stripes in a sec)

Slate doesn’t make stuff modern. I haven’t used it unless it was good or not.

Definitely first off is adding more colors to your builds, a lot of it feels bland, definitely look at games such as jailbreak & mad city for inspiration. Another thing is the lighting, I’m assuming you have it set to default. Lighting is one of the most important things in a build that will make it look much more attractive. There are a lot of tutorials in youtube, but you should try messing with settings yourself (such as setting lighting to shadowmap or future, changing ambient, ColorShift top/bottom, etc. These will make the build look more lively and better overall). Good luck on your remake.

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Agh, lighting, I’m so bad at it…

But thanks for all the suggestions. Here’s what I have so far by the way:



That is a improvement. For lighting, try out with different values until you got what you desired.

Anyways, I am looking forward to your game.