Feedback On My Profile Logo!

hello fellow developers,

I have made a recent “Profile Picture” in photoshop. I made it in 15 minutes so don’t expect good quality from it. So here’s the picture:


YXFrost Picture

If you have any suggestions, please tell me by replying.


No suggestions, I really like it. I think that the background is really nice, the font for the name also fits really well. Congrats!

I like the background, but for some reason for me the avatar looks out of the place. Maybe resize it and make it smaller. I am not sure if that will change too much about it. Hope this help :man_shrugging:. Good luck!

looks good, you could try putting your avatar on the bottom and username on top

Try doing a headshot render in a program like blender.

It looks pretty good for 15 minutes! I would recommend moving the bottom of the avatar photo to the bottom—it looks a bit out of place the way it currently is. Bright text on a bright background is hard to read, so I would darken the text color a bit.

It looks okay. I would recommend a new font maybe but other then that, looks okay.