Feedback on my profile pictures

Hello, im a roblox developer but recently i started going more into making profile pictures. Here are 2 i made recently (first one is my test one, i know its badly cropped) and the 2nd one is the one i made for Uncle_Davey. I would like to hear feedback on them and if i would ever start selling them for how much should i do it or is it even worth selling.

(btw, yes i did use google images for these two backgrounds but when ill be more into it ill be making backgrounds myself)



They’re nice, but (especially for the top picture) you can see the pixel outline of the head, I suggest maybe changing that.


The first image is low quality, the background is good. it looks like sonic is running or someting like that.
Second image is good quality, and I like it. Background seems a little WEIRD, though.

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It was a reference to a joke popular among our discord, long story, anyway thanks for the feedback

On the first picture,The red line seems to cut off from the rim of the hat.

Excellent work my friend, do keep up the good work!