Feedback on my pvp arena

Hello DevForum members!
I have been working on this medieval game and this is the pvp arena but i think its too empty. Is there anythng i could add because im out of inspiration.
Thank you!


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Looks good but here are some ideas.

  1. On the stone area you could make the stone area taller and bigger. Add some lava, dead trees, etc.

  2. In the forest area you could add some bushes and structures. For example a bridge to cross the river.

  3. In the snow area you should make igloos and snowy trees.

  4. Add more biomes like dessert, swamp, etc.

  5. And maybe some small medieval village.


It’s good, you get the general concept that it’s a fighting arena, however there is a disconnect between the art styles (Realistic terrain with stylised trees). I recommend either having more realistic tree models or having simple, blocky terrain (one such example is this tuorial which covers procedural blocky terrain generation)

As for suggestions for details, I recommend you look at real-life castles and such to get ideas on what you want to add (example: banners, torches, stone sculptures). Even if it’s stylised, it’s important to look at reference for proportions, colours and such.

Sorry for the essay, I’m glad this feedback helped you!


The forest biome seems fine to me. The other biomes look very empty… Maybe try adding some cacti in the desert biome, snow falling down in the winter biome, and make the mountain a volcano.
The desert looks really big in comparison to the other biomes. Try making the arena more impressive. Take inspiration from pictures of old roman arenas.

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@YoloGamer564 @Thjcc_Ducc @apenzijncoolenleuk1 Thanks so mutch for the feedback!


You get the general concept of what an arena should look like HOWEVER.

  1. I think the size of the arena is too large compared to the heights of the stands.
  2. The colouring could be easily improved upon.
  3. The stone terrain aside the trees doesn’t seem too suit so well.

Other than these, good luck! i love the effort you’re taking :slight_smile:

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Thank you ill keep that in mind!

I think this is a good pvp arena! Although I would have to agree with some of the replies that you should add more biomes to the map.