Feedback on my Quests UI!

Hi everyone!

I just made this Quests UI for practice i am currently having hard time to find commissions so this is for practice.

Feedback is much appreciated! :smile:


Interesting! What seems to be the context of the game here?

This UI looks very good! I like the style of it!

Looks really clean!, although it would help to give better feedback to see it in a video, so we can know if its animated and how?, that really levels up a UI.

Just something I noticed, but the locks are unlocked. They should be locked because the quests arent done

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Looks pretty nice, however it depends on the style of the game (I know you made it for practice, but what game style was this for?)

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Love the design.

It’s clean, not super basic, but not super detailed, the gradients on the UI helps it out a good amount, and the font looks really nice!

Great work man, keep it up.