Feedback on my radio system

Just yesterday, I was looking for stuff to do. So, I decided to make a radio system, a bit scp-ish.

The design blends with Roblox UI so we’ll, that the buttons, you can’t even tell if it’s from Roblox or not…

Here’s a quick showcase of the product:

and then, if you are interested, check out the game:

I would like to see feedback and suggestions regarding this. Since, I was really braindead when doing this.



That looks pretty slick and it definitely fits in with the Roblox UI very nicely. I’m just wondering are the different letters (CS, F, T) for different radio signals?

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Wow. I like how it blends in with the CoreGui, almost makes it feel like its naturally apart of Roblox. Good job on this.

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It represent the channel name.

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Good job! Just like everyone else said, it’s pretty slick and fits in very nicely. But, can you make a simple tutorial on this if you have the time?

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That Seriously looks like it’s apart of the official Roblox UI, Great Job :smiley:

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