Feedback on my rage inducing game?

Hello everybody!

Recently I’ve decided to try my hand at rage games, and I’ve came up with this:
No, it is not meant to look good at all.
This game is a game about climbing a mountain, however you happen to be quite clumsy, so every 1 to 5 seconds, there is a 1 in 4 chance of you tripping and sliding down the mountain. There also happens to be a lot of boulders crashing down the mountain in which will make you fly off of the mountain if hit.

But, in your favor there are a variety of ledges for you to rest on. Bad news, they’re pretty far apart.

Can you make it to the top?

Game Link: clumsy climb - Roblox

What should I change? What should I add/remove?



The game looks epic even tho as you said it is ugly and the music fit well with the ambiance. My only suggestion would be about the seat every 1-5 secondes. Why not adding a run and if you run when the time to slip down happen then make the slip harder? or maybe, every 1-5 secondes, you can also give a random effect like seating, pushing away, sticking for 1-3s on the ground without able to move, etc