Feedback on my realistic FPS

Hello everyone!

I created that game called “Incursion” and i want feedback about that game to improve it!

What game features?

  • Realistic graphics
  • Last Killcam Replay!
  • Decent gunplay
  • Guns
  • And much more

I want as much feedback as possible to improve this game! (Sorry for bad english)

Link: Incursion [ALPHA v1.2.0] - Roblox


Ok so first of all great game. I love all the features it has, also I love the play screen it looks super cool.

Just some things I found which I think could be better:

  • On the tutorial at the end when you kill the NPC it teleport you back to the main game before you can read the last text it says which I don’t think is a massive issue but you may want to add a wait there.

  • I also dislike how the tutorial screen will keep showing until your on level 3. I think you should make it so if you complete the tutorial it will not show up but there is a way for u to still play it if you want.

  • Add a custom UI tool bar. I feel like the whole game looks great with the UI and graphics and everything but then you just have the default bar.

  • Make it so that the user can’t see the revive player proximity prompt if your the user who died. Also would look better if you where to create a custom system for that rather them proximity prompts.

I also found a bug with the crouch system. It makes u look like ur running when ur not when you press C.

I like your FPS but there are alot of problems:

  • You get weapons at lobby.

  • I don’t think the knife is working since It didnt work at Tutorial.

  • The maps are supposed to be gulags but there is nothing that represents that it is a gulag? (campsites etc).

  • It’s an FPS game but First person isn’t forced on the player.

  • I think the music is a little bit too extreme for whats happening.

  • I do not think tutorials are needed for an FPS game.

  • I do not like the camera shake while running (whether this is intentional or not i dont know).

  • It’s all doors, doors, doors. How about less doors?

  • In my opinion, the UI looks cramped in the screen.

If those stuff were fixed I would play this game. But overall at the moment I don’t like it.