Feedback on my "realistic" gfx

Hello guys, i would like some opinions on this gfx :+1:
I know its little bad and low-res but im new to this kind of things

Time taked to render: 14:52 Minutes
Programs: C4D & Photoshop


Nice, looks really nice!

The only thing I would consider changing would be the post of the character, as it seems a little odd.

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Yes,i know many people care more about the avatar, but the most important thing is to care on the GFX itself

I know what you mean, but the avatar/character is in the GFX and if changed to perfection, will benefit the whole GFX.

the avatars Head is out of the hair, it looks very odd so if you can, try to cut it.

Love Love and LOVE it!
But, here is what i’d suggest, the top part, it looks like there is nothing in there. Looks like as if you just added a white color and that’s it. Add a sky box in there, I think that’ll match it!

Lastly, about this head, might wanna fix this bald spot lol.

Everything looks good, but just change the avatar/character. It’s disturbing.


The avatar doesn’t fit right with me. Try changing it. There are also better materials with in the C4D Library to make the ground better. Try making the grass into a plane then using the grow grass option right here image

Use a physical sky when using C4D to make it realistic, also, why are the fences so big? What is the setting supposed to be? Other than that, it looks amazing. If you want, I can DM you the rendering setting I use to make it look better.

I dont see the grow grass option, I used a HDRI to make the sky i honestly dont like the physical sky ,They are walls not fences

its really nice but one thing, the avatar is kinda disturbing

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I didnt added a white color to it, its the hdri sky, the theme is supposed to be cloudy

As someone who specializes in realistic rendering I can say some things that are definitely lacking realism and some good things about the render. Unfortunately I will not be able to give you examples of these as i’m sending this on a phone. but they shouldn’t be to hard to figure out.

Starting with “Pros”:
The lighting and sky, against what others have said, Is perfectly fine. It portrays fine realism and doesn’t require a sky box as it imitates simply, clouds.

The trees, don’t know what others have said about this, but these trees look like either a free model or forester tree. So these are fine.

The pose first off, I don’t care about the character. Any character should be able to fit into a scene if done right. Unfortunately, the reason is doesn’t fit is because his pose of off. It seems as he is walking, but a correct walking pose should be opposite arm opposite leg. With a bit of a twist and swing on the arms and torso.

The last thing I have to say is bound to be the most confusing. This is the part you might google.

The ground textures. It seems you got everything right other than displacement. I have no doubt in my mind you used a displacement map. It’s just that your execution of using it was wrong.

There isn’t enough height on it. So if you go into your displacement texture you can change the height, BUT the texture is stretched. So that means will have to up the Tile count to get a more realistic look. Then will have to change the displacement height from there.

That’s all I can think of, if you’d need any more help I’d love to help on discord 4ar0n#0004

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Overall… the entire piece is missing any sort of realism. The textures are flat, and there is no randomization in anything, and the lighting is off. The trees all look exactly the same, as in they face the same direction, they have the same height/size, there is no randomization in the tree leaves nor branches. You could have picked a better choice of avatar, one that is more suited to fit what is supposed to be a realistic/semi-realistic scene, and posing-wise, the pose is real stiff, and the avatar looks like it’s flying. But even with that avatar, you could have made it more realistic by adding cloth, have metallic chains around his neck, have some displacement with his muscles/abs along with having realistic looking hair. Try adding some hue to the shadows, and essentially the entire scene itself. You also mentioned that the scene is meant to be cloudy, however there is no indication of shadows in the sky, it looks like the sky is flat, if you search up cloudy day in google images, you can see that the sky has “distinctive clouds” that can be seen. Maybe try to find better HDRIs, or make the cloud yourself as you have the privilege of editing with photoshop. Try to study environments and use photographs as references. Another thing is also the fact that there is no story telling behind this scene. What is the character doing? Not so sure, people don’t usually grin outside half naked during a typical cloudy day.


That’s why i was gonna put realistic between quotation marks