Feedback on my realistic GFX

Hi guys, I am Manvir and I want some feedback, opinions and suggestions on my recent gfx.


If you wanna order from me, here is my portfolio Manvir | GFX/Logo Designer [OPEN]


Design looks good. The shadows and that water reflection fits the scene your going for, however there are a few things i would suggest at least adding just to make certain pop more. From the start it’s a beautiful graphic design the background is fairly empty. Have you tried adding some little details or experiment with different props that work for you?

I would recommend including a boat, floating in the sea or a plain driving in the sky something along those lines something that will make it less empty and plain. You can add some props such as buildings around the area, where the boat docked at to cover up the background.

Add some characters socializing on the boat taking viewing the depth of the ocean. It’s good though the background, just needs more additional details or something to make your scene stand out.


Splendid, you should work on adding more post-effects, and some shadows, as jordon has stated. There is some clipping with the hand here;


but otherwise, great work.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions. I will definitely look forward to implement them.

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