Feedback on my Realistic Lake scenery

That’s really realistic! But your avatar isn’t realistic :frowning:

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Dang… this is…


Good job!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the link, and I also found that some trees are floating:

Anyways, this scenery looks pretty good, you did a good job!

Wow! Must have taken a long time, looks extremely realistic, good job man!


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It just took me 2 hours to make it!
btw, thank you sir! :smiley:

LoL. Sorry, did not notice… Will do it today!

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You could add sunrays and remake the textures.

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Looks like you messed around with the Roblox asset pack and terrain…

If you can, try to make your own assets. Terrain looks good, but make sure to rotate trees and make them smaller / larger!

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Textures appear too pixilated, they were stretched in the process. You can fix them by single handedly texturing individual rocks.

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Probably due to stretching the original. Easy fix would be to shrink the model therefore increasing the resolution. But then you’d probably have to add more items to fill up the space.

Amazing job :happy2:
Good Atmosphere. :white_check_mark:
Good Graphics. :white_check_mark:
Very realistic. :white_check_mark:

The map is very good.
You can add some things, which can improve the experience of the game :+1:

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