Feedback on my Realistic Pool!

Hey fellow developers,

So, I looked through the picture and found the realistic pool I’ve made on August 10th. Thought, it’ll be interesting to have feedback on it. What I believed, I did this just for a quick build!

Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated!


Here’s me swimming in the pool!


That’s pretty realistic and nice :+1:

Keep up the good work!

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not bad! there are a few realistic aspects of the pool, but not much.
i’m no pool expert, but this pool doesn’t really have any of those… filter things…?
(Have no idea what they are called)

Screenshot 2020-09-16 162555
other than that it looks great


That Looks Like The One ModelCreator Made In This Video

Well, the interior of pool is different than ModelCreator, his pool have more studs than mine. Also, I haven’t add any lights yet.

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Awesome job! Keep up the great work!


Looks great But while @BL0oMz Mentioned some pool detail is missing but he did forget one. the drain. Other than that it looks amazing keep up the good work!

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One recommendation I have is to add pool lights, those would look good. :eyes: Also, I agree with BL0oMz, you should add those filter thingies. Otherwise, looks fantastic!

This looks amazing, you did excellent on the realism.

The pool looks great but maybe add some pool lights, filters, etc

Thanks for suggestion that I should add pool lights! I will do that!