Feedback on my realistic terrain?

Hello everyone, I made this about a month ago but I am posting this now, and I’d like to hear feedback on what you think, and also what I can improve on. I started realistic terrain about 9 months ago and I’ve been practicing to get better ever since.

So what do you guys think about it? What should I improve on? Let me know your thoughts!


it’s actually awesome, did you create your own rocks or it is just a free model?

looks too murky to me, I prefer to have a very nice sunset that glazes over the trees to give it that nice atmosphere

Can you give another view, please?

Only one is a free model, the rest I made myself

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Amazing! Wow, I admire how much detail you put into it all. Nice job.

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Thanks! I really appreciate it!

I will guess it. It’s the tree, right?

Wow! It’s like a misty mountian, it’s so cool!

That is 100% cheese worthy! good job that is some of the best building i’ve seen. I cant even imagine how it would look with pbrs.

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It took me a minute to realize it’s from Roblox. Looks more realistic than real-life.