Feedback on my recent build!

Helloo everyone! I recently made this build and for some reason I’m not really proud of it and I would like to have feedback to improve! :happy3:

(Sorry for bad quality)

This took around 7 hours and has 886 parts.

Any feedback appreciated!!


Wow, looks amazing! I like the environment and the style of the house. The one thing that strikes me as odd is the lighting in the house. The way all of the windows glow is a bit too bright for me. Otherwise, great job!


Agreed on the lighting. I would try a much dimmer yellow/orange. It’s probably too much work at this point to build recesses into the window areas so you can have curtains, so you should aim more for an average lighting. If you do want to play around with curtains and blinds, you can have a brighter yellow pouring through smaller areas.

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Thank you very much for you feedback! I’ll try to fix the lighting.

Thank you a lot! I will try to fix that.

Looks really great.

Maybe make it more natural with the colors.

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